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 714 809 4048

 714 809 4048

Thanks for coming by my site. 

Please take a quick look at the Client Listing section to get a feel for the types of jobs,  personel and dynamics I've become accustomed to dealing with over the years, from Santa Barbara down to San Diego and everywhere in between, since getting started back in 1980.  

Also, if you don't want to keep paying a guy like me to keep coming out to do your touchup, and perhaps have someone on staff who you feel could  do what you need given the right training, hey, consider taking a look at getting them my "Master TouchUp Course" I've put together! It will most likely equip them to do the majority of what you need except just the suuuper hard stuff, until they get up to speed on that as well. I can train your entire staff and have a number of ongoing support options as well to get them up to speed on what your specific needs may be.

Any questions just give a call. I look forward to serving you!

Randy Haddad
Owner / Touch-Up Specialties