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 714 809 4048

 714 809 4048


I carry full insurance to meet most commercial job specifications. Ask for details.


$95 / Hr + materials (only applies when difficult to assess full scope of work. Otherwise billed on "per job" basis

Most work done on a T & M (time + materials) basis. Since I've been doing this so long, if you need a general idea of cost ahead of time, with a description I can usually ballpark it for you on the phone. Then once on site I can "dial it in" for you if needed after seeing what's involved to give an exact price, at no obligation. Pictures are ALWAYS helpful in advance. email pics to  randy@touchupspecialties.com or text to 714 809 4048 WITH your contact info. i.e.: name, company, deadline dates, etc. & any further details that can be helpful in pre-estimating.

Most jobs are small enough that it's time and cost prohibitive to go out to jobs to give estimates unless it's very close. Call for any other arrangements or details if you need hard estimates in advance for work orders, P.O.'s, etc. or whatever. Otherwise most jobs fit into the above.

Out of Town per diem         

Hrly. rate:     


Travel Mileage / Time:       

Terms & Conditions:    

Rush jobs or "emergencies"        

Night work, Sundays & 
Overtime hrs. > 8      

3 hr. min. OC
5 hr. min. LA and So.OC
6 Hr. min. San Diego + $165 trip charge   (unless I can pair w/another job)  

1st hr. free, thereafter billed @ 1/2 hrly. rate    

Due on Invoice Receipt for residential and new commercial clients. Thereafter Net 15 - 30 as agreed in advance, on jobs that take less than 1 wk. Larger jobs   billed   weekly as per above.        

Call for details.       

Time + 1/2 may apply. Call for details       

$250 per night + Lodging & Meals cost